Eddie Argos Paints A Bunch Of Stuff: It’s A Bit Complicated

I started occasionally making Art Brut It’s a Bit Complicated paintings as I already had lots of album shaped canvas, and it was an album I didn’t really feel the need to listen too, as I know it quite well. I have quite a few It’s a Bit Complicated’s now and thought it was time I listened to the album to see if I know it as well as I thought I did.

Art Brut – Your Enemies Are My Enemies Too

It’s almost been twelve months since Art Brut released their album, Wham! Bang! Pow! Let’s Rock Out! We did hear from Eddie Argos and the gang back in April when they teamed up with We Are Scientists, for that sweet Traveling Wilburys cover, and today there’s good news – the creative momentum is being maintained…