A Place To Wash My Hands – Insufficient Funds

‘Insufficient Funds’ is the name of the new track from A Place To Wash My Hands. A Place To Wash My Hands is a collaborative project, with a nice little pedigree. With members from Cheekface, Why Dogs Why, Family Hahas, and Illuminati Hotties this is a group that borrows from the sensibilities of these different bands, but avoids the jostle of styles. Instead, there’s a freshness; a clarity of vision about the thing, that demands attention.

Providing lead vocals, and sounding a little like a sleepy Dean Wareham, Alex Johnson of Why Dogs Why lets the lyrics cascade through easy melody. The title is pretty much on the nose, and the lyrics nail classic, relatable subjects that bring big world issues to a personal, intimate level of being alive, right now. The word ‘Today’ appears a lot, but today is also every day, Kinda.

“Hey friend, 
I think our thoughts are in decay. 
But today we’re not gonna pay them any mind. 
No, today we’re just focused on wasting our time.”

A delicate riff that smoked weed with Belle & Sebastian during lunch break makes guitar work sound familiar, but also new, and maybe exactly what we need to take us away from the edge. If you’re the kind of person that seeks categorical understanding of things you’d probably file this track under ‘Dream Pop’. Yet however dreamy or poppy A Place To Wash My Hands may sound, the band casually achieves a more weighty substance. This isn’t simplified, one-tone storytelling, or a pretty melody for the sake of things. Maybe the Illuminati Hotties ‘tenderpunk’ influence underlines genre here.

Started as a kind of joke when Gregg Katz LOL’ed with Johnson on Twitter, A Place To Wash My Hands is a ‘pretend’ band that maybe shouldn’t have got as far as recording, let alone releasing a record. Yet, here we are. There’s a playfulness, and audible respect for process, as the collaborators add layers, and nuanced dynamic to the track.

Spinning, and re-spinning ‘Insufficient Funds’ it’s hard to not want more from the project. A shared ethos that celebrates the strength of each contributor has produced a track that feels less like a side project, and more like a good idea that should be lent momentum and taken to the next level, (whatever that means), and whenever these good, already over-busy citizens of planet earth can find the time.

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