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1. (adj) popular; mainstream
2. (n)
a. something that is popular (especially music)
b. soft drink or soda
3. (v)
a. to shoot
b. to hit; to slug; to punch
1. Pop music is usually catchy, but it can be overplayed.
a. Any musical track under 30 minutes long is usually an example of pop.
b. I would like nice, cold pop, please.
a. He popped a cap in his ass.
b. I popped him in the jaw.


A highly flexible term commonly used by the English.

1. something rubbish
2. a falsehood or series of lies
3. something great
4. the best possible
5. testicles
6. exclamation on making a error.
1. That Jeremy Renner movie was a load of bollocks.
2. That Thom Yorke is talking bollocks.
3. That curry was the bollocks!
4. You’re the dog’s bollocks when it comes to dancing!
5. Then she kicked him in the bollocks.
6. Bollocks!


A compound word.
A combination of all of the above.