Amen Dunes – L.A. (remix ft. Westerman)

‘L.A.’, the final song from Amen Dunes’s brilliant and haunting 2018 album, Freedom, saw all the questions and pains that filled a year when the musician’s mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer come crashing together. On it, he resolves to push on. Now, a year and a half later, Dunes (real name Damon McMahon) is returning to the place we last heard him.

Westerman joins Dunes on the song’s remix. A year later, with a second voice by his side, the song has grown bigger, maybe even more hopeful. The mix is different, there are new sounds – and obviously an added voice – but what has changed? The same questions still exist. There is still the child’s voice commanding, “This is your time / Their time is done, it’s over / I’m sick and tired.”

Why return to the point where you last left off? In an industry where everyone seems obsessed with moving on to the next thing as quickly as possible, what good can be found ruminating on the past?

Art is reflection and commentary. It’s impressionistic by nature. Things are repeated, mangled, woven, and pushed out. Dunes was filled with questions on Freedom, many without answers. He resolved to push on, and with his return to ‘L.A.’, he is providing a lookback, while acknowledging he has added new ideas to his already packed mind.

Art, like all things, changes. It grows or it decays. On the remix of ‘L.A.’, Dunes is showing his own evolution and pointing toward the future, something he promised to do with the final minutes of Freedom. Remixing the track’s final song shows he has not given up on his quest for answers. He is still rolling down the tracks. Acknowledging one’s previous acts is how one grows, and the willingness to change them shows an intention to grow.


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