Andy Shauf – Try Again

Andy Shauf has a new album coming. On January 24, via ANTI- The Neon Skyline will be shared in full. A concept album that promises to be be the artists most emotionally-rich work to date. The sequence tells the events around a man who enters a dive bar, hears that his ex-lover is back in town, and then bumps into her.

Lifted from the album is ‘Try Again’, a new single and accompanying video that indicate the trajectory of the upcoming tunes.

The melodic track hits like a wave of optimism, and explores the world “Between drunkenness and chivalry.” Shauf sings of an encounter between a boy and a girl combining witticisms, both trying to land a decent blow in the barroom flirtations. Through their exchange the couple experience other places,“Between drunkenness and charity.” “Between drunkenness and jealousy” or “Between drunkenness and honesty.” It is in these spaces – the emotional no-mans land where things evolve.

Optimism loses its shine but somehow a deeper, more realistic account of life is offered up – and it’s here in the sadness and eagerness to connect that a kind of beauty is established.

“Come on baby, try again” implores Shauf.

The video is directed by Gérald Fleury and Timo Hateau of Mizotte & Cabécou. Speaking of his approach to the shoot Fleury said, “Rather than illustrating the storyline, we imagined our own offbeat tale like a parallel to the song. Design, motion, colors and atmosphere are influenced by the pop and childish dream world of ’70s French animation (Chapi Chapo, The Magic Roundabout).” The result is a gentle, trippy excursion through a land of geometric paper models, bold colors, and optimistic vibes.

‘Try Again’ is an enjoyable track – it sneaks weighty contradictions in under the doorman’s gaze. Personal expectations unravel and interpersonal dynamics spiral with inferred history. This is smart song writing that requires emotional intelligence of the listener. Instrumentally, it’s a joyous release that will be heard from dorm rooms and car windows. It has that feel.

We’re looking forward to the album. You should too.



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