angelic milk – when the limousines pass by

angelic milk is the brainchild of Sarah Persephona, a Russian artist living in St. Petersburg. Material from her assembled quartet has been quietly circulating on the internet, gaining momentum via a string of bandcamp releases. Pale, was a largely overlooked, significantly beautiful album of lo-fi rock, and glittering fuzz pedals.

In 2015 PNKSLM Recordings signed Persephona and released the track ‘IDK How’. The label, of course, was an appropriate home for a band so heavily influenced by the punk ethic, grunge sounds, and pop approach to outreach.

Last week angelic milk announced their debut album. Divine Biker Love, will be released in January of 2019. Ahead of album release the band have shared a new track, ‘when the limousines pass by’.

As first impressions go, ‘when the limousines pass by’ offers an encouraging sign for the new year. Somewhat prettier than previous releases, in that the grunge elements of previous releases are somewhat muted, the structure of this new material is more instantly radio-friendly.

Persephona’s vocal work remains ethereal, and of course the sound remains smudged – like glam eyeliner at the end of a too-good night. But the beat here is more traditional, more accessible, and more successful in conveying the ethos of disheveled elegance which angelic milk make their own.

With a drum pattern that echos an era of rock n roll when life was simpler, we could argue that angelic milk are moving toward a surf rock sound. But they’re not. Ignore the glossy hair-dos. At the core there is oddly urban feel. There’s concrete in this thing.

The artwork accompanying ‘when the limousines pass by’ shows Persephona and angelic milk in the back of a limousine. They project a peroxide version of glamour through the open window. Reflected ahead of them is the face of a police officer. Authority. Is this the archetype addressed in the lyric? Does angelic milk feel an escape from control? Does too much control rob us of the opportunity to indulge in creative freedom? Maybe we’ll get these things answered in January, when the album drops.


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