Angelo De Augustine – Carcassonne

Every intention, every mistake, every vibration of the plucked strings echo. These are raw feelings and emotions put against bare tape. “Carcassonne” by Angelo De Augustine is earnest. He sings in a soft and honest manner that sounds like Elliott Smith. These are memories given life by tune and weight by time and familiarity.

De Augustine wrote the song for his first love, who always wanted to visit Carcassonne – a medieval fortress town in the Occitanie region of southern France.  “I was coincidentally about to go on my first EU tour [when she told me about it] but I didn’t have enough funds to bring her along with me, so I wrote this song for her so that she could go to Carcassonne anytime she’d like,” he said of the track. And the lyrics are just as simple and straightforward as that: “For a few weeks I’ll be obligated to play my songs and travel on the road/ All I want when I get back home is to see your face and lie with you alone.”

This is writing a song for the girl you left at home when you went to follow your dream. This is what you did to remind her that you were always thinking of her. This is why you started making music. This is sincerity pressed against years of cynicism. Remember when you weren’t a cynic and love was something out there you witnessed and longed for without intention? Carcassonne by Angelo De Augustine is that moment.

There are few things more romantic than an ancient French fortified hilltop city that also happens to be known for its wine, yet “Carcassonne” is able to live up to its title. This is young, sincere stuff, the kind that first love is made of. The kind that we don’t forget. The kind that takes shape over years as we look back.



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