The Antlers’ Peter Silberman – New York

Peter Silberman’s, of The Antlers,  “New York” is staggering. It’s stupid stunning. The song, the video, every moment aches and wanders passing through time like a wisp of a memory. The transient nature of New York takes center stage in the video, as black-and-white archival footage of The City That Never Sleeps observes the characters that have and continue to move throughout.

The song is stark, playing with the silence that is rarely found in New York, and it etches its way into your emotions. Each pluck pulls on heartstrings. Listen closely and you can hear the footsteps of all those who have ever come and ever gone, the cutting of steel, and the crashing of bulldozed brick, it’s all in the transient tranquility.

“New York” is the second song Silberman has released from his upcoming debut solo LP, Impermanence. The album is out February 24th via Anti- in the United States, Transgressive in Europe, and Inertia in Australia and New Zealand. Prior to “New York,” he shared the record’s opening track “Karuna.”

Peter Silberman:

““New York” is a lament for a relentlessly impermanent place. It’s a song of estrangement from streets that became unrecognizable in no time, and the end of a dissociation from sounds I’d come to ignore.

“I’ve strung together this video from collections of footage archived in the public domain, from open-sourced memories of an obsolete city that maybe never was.

“Through reorganizing these aimless images, I found a story of flight from crowded cacophony, a quiet struggle against New York’s stubborn gravitational pull, and a memory just beyond reach.”

The Antlers last released Familiars in June of 2014, and have not played a live show since May of 2015. There have been no announcements about any upcoming album or any live concerts in the near future. Peter Silberman will be heading out on tour in March.


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