Aries – Un gran puente

“Un gran puente” translates to “a great bridge”, and is the title of the newest offering from Bilbao-based musician Isa Fernández Reviriego, aka Aries. Full of shimmering synths and ecstatic drum machine kicks, ‘Un gran puente’ celebrates the everyday. The lyrics are in Spanish, but the track’s infectious joy is universal. The ‘great bridge’ here has little to do with meters and feet, but with the willingness to shift view.

After a few strums of an acoustic guitar, ‘Un gran puente’ bursts into its modern electro-based wonder. Its reflective and vivacious as Isa’s voice soars into borderline falsettos. There are undertones of the highest highs found on The Dirty Projector’s masterpiece Bitte Orca, and there remains something undeniably bright about the offering.

‘Un gran puente’ endeavors to share a landscape of the everyday, one painted affectionately by the colors of Basque Country. Terracotta roofs stack against lush greenery in the Northern Spanish metropolis and a blue river courses through the city center. There, the metals of Frank Gehry brush up against the old town. It’s a place where the old coalesces with the new.

That is reflected in the song’s structure as it immediately shifts from the initial acoustic strings to its electronic base. The result is something modern, but based in the understanding of history and soil. ‘Un gran puente’ manges to bridge the gap of time and perspective and see the beauty in everyday and its juxtapositions, rather than get mired down in differences.

The track also has a beautiful music video, which Aries said this about:

“This music video reflects the present and it’s an ode to all the imperfections of the quotidian life. The song Un Gran Puente was the perfect channel to show everyday videos from different people and emphasize on the things that we are not paying attention to in our daily lives. In the end this process made us realize that if you don’t like what surrounds you it is just because you need to change the way you look at your life in an ordinary but also poetic way. The other vision we had was changing the idyllic idea of music videos and how a camera that is shooting the reality can also be speaking on its own.”


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