Ava Luna – Take It Or Leave It

Summer conjures thoughts of water and heat. Minds stream toward thoughts of tropical locales, where bright colors fill chirping streets. Palettes expand and chaos fills the air. ‘Take It Or Leave It’ by Ava Luna captures this seasonal frenzy, and focuses it into joyous patterns.

Dotted with bright hues and intricate vocal and rhythmic layers, ‘Take It Or Leave It’ manages to soothe the chaos. It is self-assured without being boastful. Voices comes in and out while steel drums and kicks bring energy without overwhelming.

Summer songs exude confidence, often to a fault. Ava Luna, however, manage to bring grace in their most recent sonic delivery. “I got a head, pair of sturdy shoulders/ So think twice before you strike/ A little spin on my own advice,” sings Douglass. It’s cool and calm, but there is a static energy that lies within its heart.

Last fall, Ava Luna delivered their sixth studio LP, Moon 2. But the Brooklyn-based quintet is already ready to release a new EP, titled Pigments, in just a couple weeks, June 14. 50 percent of the proceeds from the record will be donated to the Yellowhammer Fund to support abortion rights in Alabama and beyond.

‘Take It Or Leave It’ is the first offering from the forthcoming EP, and it boasts a steamy confidence that aligns well with the season and the record’s higher goals. It’s confident and colorful.


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