Baba Stiltz – Can’t Help It

It all starts with a drum machine shuffle, then comes the synth turning into a muted air horn subsequently fading into glints of glittering gold, “Can’t Help It” by Baba Stiltz breaks apart space within an echo chamber creating tracers of sound and light. At moments it can feel awkward like a middle school dance, trying to find its own unique groove amongst an already densely populated scene filled with ‘cool’ kids. Finally, after about a minute, the track loses its awareness of others and finds itself.

Today, there are so many artists trying to be someone else and attempting to look the part that it often seems like a parade of the “million masks of God,” where no one is allowed to not take themselves seriously. It’s unfortunate. The coolest people one meets across the course of their lives are those who find their own stride. It’s not that they lack influences, but rather they compile their interests with a sense of self, creating something unique and undoubtedly their own. This is where “Can’t Help It” shines.

There is an honesty within “Can’t Help It”, amongst the cliche feelings of selfish love there is recognition. There’s an Arthur Russell quality to his voice and nothing seems forced, rather the words are something he simply must tell the love he’s talking to.

Hand claps, synth glimmers, shameful selfishness, it’s all part of what makes “Can’t Help It” unique, and, even better, slight awkward at times. The 22-year-old Swede has already accomplished more than most of us do over the course of our lives, he knows who he is. Even if there is an ugliness, at least it is recognized. Therefore, it is of little surprise to us that he is a rising star at Studio Barnhus.

For it’s awkwardness and honesty, we give “Can’t Help It” by Baba Stiltz 17 out of 21 dance proposal acceptances.


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