Baby Josy – demos

Baby Josy is the new project from Ladada frontman Josiah Schlater. Baby Josy has just released a debut EP – it’s called ‘demos’ and it’s a small, but incredibly sweet sequence of songs that unify in a vision of redemption, light, and levity.

With only four tracks, none of which hit the two-minute duration, it’s clear that Schlater is more concerned with expressing the fleeting aspects of an atmosphere than he is forcing an issue to fit with conventional standards. There’s a bravery in simply pointing to the direction of the breeze and allowing an audience to figure the aromas of what’s being carried in from afar.

Despite the lightness of Baby Josy – the soft sounds of 60’s gospel soul washing over a low piano – the gravity of songwriting craft carries with it a substantial weight. Schlater steers toward images, and emotions, rather than the analysis of things, his focus though is precise in that it invites enquiry, and a deeper emotional engagement from the listener. In one regard there’s little to offer purchase, or spark friction, but in another aspect the content is charged with a deeper potential.

Hand drums, and misty percussive moments add a kind of sepia wash to the colors of Baby Josy’s vision. Production values mean we can hear the space between instrument and microphone, thought and expression. There are pauses, and human-sized errors against the architecture of more grand ideas, like redemption, rebirth, and love.

Demos isn’t an entirely romantic gesture, but it certainly takes the edge of the harsher elements of reality. When the more grim human elements of existence are acknowledged, it is in the rearview mirror as they are moved beyond. Sadness and pain are there, but they are used to fertilize the happier, more forward-thinking and healthier aspects of life.

Like all good debut EP’s Demos from Baby Josy carries with it an air of anticipation; not evidenced in the music, or lyrical content. It is in the atmosphere that surrounds those more concrete elements that issues so much possibility in the future releases. Currently available as a free download from the Baby Josy bandcamp page (link below) there’s plenty to entice. This is feel-good music without the sentimental, or saccharine aspects of the genre.




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