Best Fern – I Know You Know

Dappled light trickles through the leaves. Morning birds chirp. Children play. It all feels distant and warm like the first few breaths of a day where all you need to do is be. “I Know You Know” by Best Fern is a soft wake up call that steadily moves each sense.

Alexia Avina and Nick Schofield make up the Montreal-based ambient pop duo known as Best Fern. Earlier this year, they released a dreamy cover of a-ha’s “Take On Me”. In 2016, the twosome issued their self-titled debut EP and followed last year with a four-track EP called Covers, featuring their own versions of Four Tet’s “Morning Side”, Jessy Lanza’s “It Means I Love You”, Majical Cloudz’s “Bugs Don’t Buzz”, and Panda Bear’s “Comfy in Nautica”.

Best Fern turns everything they touch into something that is uniquely theirs. They have a refined sense of themselves and the music they want to create. It’s light, echoing and seems to appear as if through a mist.

“I Know You Know” is full of pastel pinks and blues. Spring is in the air, everything is light, and there really are the sounds of children playing in the background of the track. The only words are “You know I know”. There is something that reminds of a xylophone. It is simple, yet every moment is rich and filled with drips of color.

Crisp like a light wind through the trees, warm like a lover’s morning embrace, “I Know You Know” is soft, simple, and delicate, but also intricate. Turn the track up and spend the morning enjoying the views from your porch, window, or balcony. It is sure to lighten your mood and help you embrace the day.

The song also comes accompanied by visuals, which were filmed, directed, and edited by Miriam Brellenthin that are made of similar pastel and dreamlike parts.



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