Bing & Ruth – Quebec (Climber)

Stadiums & Shrines are preparing to release an expansive compilation album that can only be described as a retrospective and an introduction. The double-vinyl album is called Dreams. The gatefold package, which contains a booklet of art and words, represents a tenth anniversary celebration of the open-ended multimedia series.

This new collection, released on Cascine, shares contributions from a range of ambient, experimental, and truly independent artists – to list them all here would distract focus. However, the caliber of contributors is high: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Mutual Benefit, Maria Usbeck and Julie Byrne are all on the register. Also included is Bing & Ruth, whose track “Quebec (Climber)” has been extracted from the sequence and shared here, along with a video.

Sharing the work of Bing & Ruth ahead of a compilation album that features a huge number of artists is a testament to the accessibility of the ambient/experimental outfit. It also speaks to the acumen of the album’s curator. This is the tonal quality that represents ambition to musically interpret black-and-white collages, lifted from a 1950’s tourism book.

The phenomenon of exploring dreams, or dream representation, and the analysis of archetypes thrown up by the psyche during sleep, (or memory) is not new in art. What distinguishes the Stadiums & Shrines project is the north star of the images they provide their contributing artists. These sepia images unite the vision. As open as they are to interpretation, archival photographs also channel the collective mind to a certain point, a certain time – and from there the theme expands. It’s a great device.

Bing & Ruth – the minimalist ensemble lead by composer David Moore have produced a seductive piece in “Quebec (Climber)” The piano chimes in reverb, the pleasing smudges of tone as the scale climbs upwards before dipping – these things are the description of wonder. If anyone must soundtrack our dreams, let it be someone like Moore, who knows a direct route to the source of light, but who plays with refractions along the way.

The Dreams compilation arrives on June 15. Alongside the physical copy there will be digital edition which will share some extra tracks from North Americans, Recycle Culture, and the previously mentioned Maria Usbeck.  There’s much to look forward to. Until then…


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