binki – MARCO

Startin’ to feel like I’m beefin’ with cupid” On his debut track, ‘MARCO’ Binki comes out swinging. On the one hand, there’s an air of humility; the artist holds himself down, and he creates an atmosphere of low-burning awe around his subject. On the other hand he’s going to tackle the big metaphysical issues, and he’s more than equal to the task.

The off-kilter tonal progressions, and the semi-glitched beats that form the bed of this dialog, are the unique identifiers for the artist. Binki has a flow that echoes the influence of his backpack. You can hear who formed his education – and his heroes are all solid. Elements of Kid Cudi, and softer aspects of Tyler the Creator (at his most reflective) are audible in delivery. This is human scale lyricism, unimpressed by grandeur, machismo, or posturing. It’s solid stuff.

Instrumental smoothness, a guitar riff that punctuates with jazz scales, and a bass that pulses on a synthed flute elevate the track. The natural abilities of binki and his collaborators are not small. His ear pulls from all points of the compass. However, instead of spinning in search of north he simply digs a groove and gets to the business of his heart.

But. Ah, yeah. The beef with cupid. There is confusion here, as the artist searches for context and meaningful points of reference in a landscape that appears mainly fucked up. binki makes himself human, admits to weakness. He shares his fear of loss, and he makes a stab at defining the existential dread felt by almost all young adults. This isn’t your typical pushy emcee, stabbing pins in a map and making territorial claims. There’s something way more artful, way more intriguing, and authentic to the personal experience than most debuts. binki, apparently, refuses to rush to impress. Which, of course, is impressive as hell.


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