Blush – Daisy Chain

Ahead of their new album, a self-titled debut on Arrowhawk Records, Blush have just released a new single called “Daisy Chain”.

At the helm of the Brooklyn-based indie pop quartet is Maura M. Lynch – a vocal talent who captures the spirit of the most intimate performance, somehow served in a scale that would whisper through (and fill) an entire urban canyon of abandoned buildings.

Lyrically, there’s a simplicity here.  Sometimes it can get a little same/samey to hear a singer whisper-sing the word ‘baby’. However, what Lynch delivers isn’t a pouting shorthand of pop – where laziness in the pen relies on the efforts of suggestion. When she sings “good morning, baby / push the covers to the floor / good morning, baby / get your head up” there’s a sense of salvation, a promise of something hazy and good in the day. She captures the urgency and optimism of opportunity – like fresh snowfall. Yes, we’ve all seen snow before, yet it still remains magical when you wake up and there it is. That’s what Lynch does; she plays with an old, familiar reference, and somehow she makes it new again – she makes it her own.

The instrumentation here is spare, and quite lovely. Jonathan and Nicholas Campolo bring the sense to not overstate anything on Drums, Keys, Guitar and vocals. Andrew Chugg, credited with bass and drums brings a warmth to the tempo that echoes Galaxie 500’s Naomi Yang. If you get to see this band loitering in Brooklyn you should offer them toasted sandwiches, and support every opportunity they pursue to play live.

The atmosphere of being live – the magic between Lynch’s breath and the microphone, is captured well in “Daisy Chain”. The rest of the album, coming on December 8th articulates a confidence that’s rare in a debut. There’s no swagger, no urgency, no bravado – just a simple delivery of a group of artists who appear to create very well together, and so they do.

We should to use the word ‘magical’ again because this track is exactly that, and the album is just the same, but even more so. Non-sentimental but loving, simple but not dumb, confident but not arrogant. There’s going to be a shit ton of ‘best of the year’ album reviews around the release date of this debut, and there’s most likely going to be some truly obnoxious shit being piped through the stores as you corral the last of your nerve endings around the stores during December. However, don’t… do not… overlook this stunning, discrete little debut that has more character and charm than those who rely on volume and broad social media marketing.

For “Daisy Chain” and their self-titled debut album we award Blush five out of six streetlight halos as snow falls in the city and shuts out all the noise.



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