Cam Maclean – Wait For Love

The pitch edges by the highway, the old convertible smokes, it’s light blue pressed against a robins egg sky and the distance spreads flat, jagged, and red across. Cam Maclean is alone, but he comes from many directions like a disillusioning sun. The guitar works its clean plucks against a distorted psychedelia of, well, say 2012, but it works. It’s retro sensitivity gives way to an urban base rumble.

Cam MacLean is a Canadian, but here, reborn in the depths of indie pop psychedelia and retro groove, he is commenting on the North American heartbreak repertoire. There is a sense of the French, but southern and colloquial, and the pastiche is appreciated, like that of an antiquated harbor town.

Heartbreak, love, and loss, all are a part of the world we feel. Cam is honest in his confrontation and address of this reality. His guitar work is nothing short of beautiful, it creates backdrops that his lyrical content can set against, like a slowly dwindling fire against a setting sun.

Opener “Sunshine”, creates a wonderful Rumarian entrance to Wait For Love. It’s a funny title and opening track, sense both in the actuality of statement sound assertive, but in fact, are a bit laid back, but, nonetheless need to be heard.

By the time we get to “New Jerusalem”, we’ve settled in, ready to “wait for your love”, but willing to enjoy the grooviness in the meantime. Here, Cam begins to settle into his more relaxed, desert lounge singer groove. Boy would this guy be good at sunset. The reds, the blues, the pastels. He is a borm Palm Springs lounge singer, and on Wait For Love, he shows he has even more promise.

“Drinking beer and laughing”, sings Cam on “Sleepwalking”. It’s chillwave, but has there really been anything wrong with that? It’s pleasant, listenable anywhere, and, in comparison, the elevating sounds are given weight by depth of romantic understanding that is complicit and, therefore not fucking whiney. There is levity here, and the work done is one of someone who is thoughtful and aware. “She missed the way I spoke.” We’re excited to hear more.


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