Channel Tres – Jet Black

Finding one’s own unique voice often seems like it could remove one from their surroundings. This is a common misnomer. One’s voice is grown from roots and singular experience, and that makes it easier to relate to those from a similar background, but it also makes communication easier. The ability to understand one’s self allows one to bring themselves to any situation without having to compromise themselves, making entering any situation easier. And Channel Tres is certainly at ease on “Jet Black”. A track that could fit in the underground clubs of London or Berlin, just as easy as it could on a hot summer day in Compton, California, the rapper’s hometown.

Channel dropped his debut solo track, “Controller”, in April and it announced him as a unique talent of his own making. Before that, he lent his songwriting and production skills to artists such as Kehlani and Duckwrth. Now, he’s out on his own.

Possessing a voice with a deeper register and mixing it with electronic influenced beats gives Channel an almost immediate retro feel, but his verbiage is anything but. The result of the concoction is something timeless. It could have appeared anywhere, but it is here now, and it plays with much of what we generally expect from the hip hop scene.

While “Controller” may have introduced Channel’s voice, it’s “Jet Black” that sees him giving it life. “‘Jet Black’ is the blackest black. My modern-day black superhero,” the rapper told The FADER in an email. “Aware and connected to the source. Stone to the bone, no need for substances. Self-empowerment that make your ass move.”

“Self-empowerment that make your as move.” That’s pretty much all you need to know.

Channel also released a music video with the track that’s pretty fucking watchable, and sees him turning everyday places into underground club raves. He gets it.

“Jet Black” will appear on Channel Tres’s debut EP, due out July 27 on Godmode.



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