Channel Tres ft. JPEGMAFIA – Black Moses

On ‘Black Moses’, Channel Tres continues to explore the roots of his idiosyncratic style. As with many inward searches, it allows him to see our world in a new light. The dark warehouses of his house roots are apparent as ever, but now they are applied to a more soulful base, making the sounds more physically vital. He is able to take that knowledge and use it to access a larger modern audience.

In August of last year, Channel Tres, real name Sheldon Young, dropped his eponymous debut EP. He is preparing to drop his sophomore EP, Black Moses, this month. Earlier this summer, he addressed sexual objectification with the record’s first single, ‘Sexy Black Timberlake’. That song mixed his house background with his West Coast roots.

‘Black Moses’ is a tribute to Issac Hayes, and is also the name of the soul musician’s fifth studio album. Thanks to contributions from JPEGMAFIA, the new track has a more modern hip hop feel than anything Channel has released in the past. That doesn’t take over ‘Black Moses’, however. Instead, it opens Channel’s sound to a larger audience, making the artist more accessible.

Accessibility is a complex conversation, and the ability to grow one’s audience without terms like “sellout” being thrown around is a high wire act. Channel is able to this without seemingly any fuss on ‘Black Moses’.

Part of what makes Channel’s efforts so individual is his knowledge of the tradition his sounds come from. House music, when first conceived of in Chicago and Detroit warehouses, wasn’t one made for the masses. Its roots were informed by disenfranchised youths. The same can be said for hip hop. It’s this understanding that helps Channel Tres create something both unique and accessible, and allows him to weave together various styles. 

On ‘Black Moses’, Channel Tres is able to deliver his most accessible song to date, all while paying tribute to his personal music traditions.


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