Chassol – Rollercoaster Pt. 1 & 2

Atmosphere is hard thing to express. The question “Which is your favorite part of a rollercoaster ride?” is hard to answer with any integrity. Today, Chassol addresses these issues in “Rollercoaster Pt. 1 & 2”

Some listeners will know of French composer Chassol from his collaborations with Frank Ocean and Solange. However, here he is furthering his solo canon with a track of unique and unforced energy.

Difficult to break into constituent parts, much like the atmosphere of the ride it describes, the video for “Rollercoaster Pt. 1 & 2” is described by Chassol:

 “We first tried to get on the ride with our sound engineer wearing a big black trench hiding his mics, but were instantly kicked off by security….so my cousin & I went back 2 days later with a hidden GoPro and were able to do 2 rides before they saw us filming on their cameras….They chased us for 10 mins after that….but didn’t get us….that was epic. As for the music, I wanted to pay homage to The Cure’s ‘Jumping Someone Else’s Train’ and its video clip of a rail road filmed backwards from the rear of a train.”

Chassol has announced a new album, Ludi, which will be released via Tricatel on March 6.



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