Cheekface – No Connection

Today is a good day. In related news Cheekface just dropped a new track. It’s called ‘No Connection’ and you can stream it below.

Unsurprisingly, the lyrical content of the song relies on the emotional intelligence as much as the book-smarts of the listener. Is ‘No Connection’ a disclaiming statement designed to separate internal reaction to external events? Or is this a a description of Greg Katz’s inability to jive with the goings on of the modern world? Or is this just about the state of wifi? Maybe ‘No Connection’ is a statement that encompasses all of the above, and offers a view of what happens when all hope is lost? Yup – this is a track about losing hope.

Katz has the ability to populate his songs with characters which are simultaneously mundane and archetypical. Like the guy who won the big screen TV in a previous tune, here we’re confronted by “…a farmers market shaman with a petition for you to sign.” We all know the shuffle of dealing with the clipboard brigade. “Well just let me know when you finish taking down capitalism, man.”

It’s the rooting of process in the everyday that distinguishes Greg Katz as a lyricist. His conversational delivery brings the ear in, while his verses lift attention beyond the self. The paradox of losing all hope whilst also writing a song about the phenomenon is surely not lost on a band that’s this smart.

‘No Connection’ is not a nihilistic sweep, it’s more about the pursuit of seeking hope, and finding life lacking. There is sadness, yes, and there is frustration – but at least art is happening. And a knowing glance is thrown at an audience, familiar with the landscape. Whoops, maybe there is a connection.

Oh – and a final word. The guitar sound around the bridge is fucking lovely. The harp is inspired.



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