Cheekface – Reward Points

Perhaps the most staggeringly heartbreaking line from Cheekface arrives on their new track, “Reward Points”. “…my upset stomach that never ends
from being someone else’s friend.”

Greg Katz has the knack of writing sad songs that feel like invitations to smile in communion. Here, with a line about his stomach and the endless disquiet we endure, he offers a unique version of radical vulnerability. It’s a line that hangs and affects your own stomach as you sit there on a January morning. Being alive with your body and thoughts and your schedule as it is.

“Reward Points” is more than this line though. Instrumentally, Cheekface feel more driven, somehow. Nothing grandiose is happening, and we’re certainly not straying away from the established sound. Perhaps there’s a depth of confidence as the trio move from “Let’s see how this goes” to “THIS is how it goes.”

Production reliably points at the intuitive abilities of a serious-minded arrangement. A bridge like we’ve never heard, and drum segments that play with the texture of a sound as much as it cares about the tempo. This sound, this Cheekfacian sound, should be called “SimplicityPlus”.


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