Cheekface – Wedding Guests

Cheekface, Cheekface, Cheekface. Here we are again as the trio of Greg Katz, Amanda Tannen and Mark Edwards return with another song that knowingly smiles at the bitter-sweet stuff of life. ‘Wedding Guests’ speaks perfectly to the experience of the time we spend between delivery room and funeral home.

Lyrically, Katz cracks funnies to express the keenness of life. The observations of the macro and micro to express something serious about the whole.

“life is long like a CVS receipt 
not much to do unless you eat your cake and dance like wedding guests 
life is long, there’s no laundry left to clean 
not much to say unless you have a slow joke you wanted to tell, i guess”

Weddings, of course, are an appropriate frame through which to examine life. We kinda hate going. We kinda hate when we’re not invited. Legislation around love is weird. Paperwork is ridiculous. Ceremonies are empty, but also essential, or so we’re told. The food is irrelevant but always a talking point. Wedding singers are the same. Such awkwardness, such celebration. Urgh. Weddings are bullshit. If you look it up Google will tell you something about 50% of marriages in the USA ending in divorce. Cheekface know this, probably. Yet there’s still something worth singing about, same as life… we all know how that ends.

Highly singable, and with incredible flow in some parts – “a man, a plan, a plain bagel and an omelette one more song! one more song!” – ‘Wedding Guests’ does everything that we’ve come to expect from Cheekface, but it does it, somehow, with more than usual levels of the good stuff.

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