Cigarettes After Sex – Neon Moon (Brooks & Dunn Cover)

In 1992, Brooks & Dunn released ‘Neon Moon’. It was the third single from the duo’s debut studio album, Brand New Man, and their third consecutive Number One single on the country chart. 26 years later, Cigarettes After Sex made their cover of the famed country tune their third release of 2018, following ‘Crush’ and ‘Sesame Syrup’. A nod to the summing up of one of the trio’s most successful years, Brooks & Dunn may not seem like the most obvious choice for the El Paso-founded ambient pop band, but with its hazy reflections and whiskey steeped streets, ‘Neon Moon’ parallels Cigarettes After Sex’s moody intimate nature, while also calling back to their Texas roots.

Very little of what originally made up ‘Neon Moon’ remains. It’s country twang has given way to Greg Gonzalez’s soft, almost feminine lilt. The original plucky electric riff has seemingly been bowed into atmospheric room filler. The only element remaining is the snap of the snare, but here it’s brought front and center.

Cigarettes After Sex has been located in Brooklyn since 2015, the home of their style of indie rock. Brooks & Dunn found famed as part of the Nashville scene. Both Gonzalez and Brooks found their success far from their Texas roots, but in many ways it is those solitary Lone Star nights that add depth to their sounds. And there is few better ways to symbolize both bands’ feelings than a neon moon.

Following arguably the most successful year of their career, which saw them play sold-out shows at Brooklyn Steel in New York City and at the Ace + Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles, Cigarettes After Sex is taking time off to work on the follow up to their 2017 self-titled debut.


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