Cindy Lee – I Want You To Suffer

Cindy Lee is the brainchild of Patrick Flegel, formerly of the noise-pop band Women. Cindy Lee will be releasing a new album, What’s Tonight To Eternity on February 14. From that album is the track “I Want You To Suffer”.

Flegel uses gender neutral pronouns. Speaking about the track they say “I Want You To Suffer is about my feelings regarding being abused and wanting severe punishment and revenge. It is also a rumination on alienation and repression in the wake of authority figures telling you that you are insane for your entire adolescence, when you are truly just reacting to what is happening to you. As you grow older, you realize that the identity and stances that have been adopted remain part of the same poisonous framework that you had been trying to escape. In the end, all that is left is the aching desire to be loved and trusted, despite a string of failures on your part.”

The track is ambitious, both thematically and sonically. The complex set of emotions starts at certain center. The concrete view, gradually shifts; evolving into something complicated as the narrator learns, and becomes more than an impulsive reactor. Instrumentally, this shift in gear takes the form of a (totally wild, utterly beautiful) cacophonous breakdown.

In the middle of the track, taking the shape of a collapsing bridge between two pretty-as-fuck passages, is a span of noise and chaos and rage and expulsion and uncertainty. It is, however, very sure of itself. This is a controlled detonation of epic scale. It’s wonderful.

Flegel has long been a compelling artist. One ear fixed on an ability to produce surprising, breathtaking melodies. Their mind venturing through shifting experiments and revelations. “I Want You To Suffer” is a deliciously wicked teaser for what’s coming on February 14.


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