Coachella Owner Isn’t A Fun Loving Flower Child; Why Are You Surprised?

Anschutz Entertainment Group (better known as AEG) is the company that run’s Southern California’s Coachella and New York’s Panorama, as well as a variety of sporting venues and teams, and live music venues around the world. Owned by Philip Anschutz, AEG and Coachella have come under fire because their owner has a history of funding anti-LGBTQ groups. Oh, and he also has a climate denial strategy, in addition to having a record of anti-environmental scandals.

Philip got his start in the money-making game by buying his father’s drilling company in 1961 – so of course he’s no stranger to anti-environmental scandals. He supports the Parents Television Council – a group that sees themselves as holding up Christian values on television – and financed and distributed The Chronicle of Narnia films, which is probably the most egregious thing he has taken part in when it comes to wholesome family entertainment. Making it no surprise that Anschutz is anti-LGBTQ. He also owns Major League Soccer, so we should be upset with him for his part in the poor quality of American soccer at this point.


The real question is, at what point did we forget that there was a massive faceless corporation behind Coachella? And when did we start thinking it would be liberal? All of this information has been around for years. And let’s be honest, the majority of those attending Coachella could careless about the rights some of their parents may have been fighting for in the 1960s. Coachella is an event where people go to be seen, much like billionaires at fundraisers for political candidates.


Frankly we don’t give a fuck if you go to Coachella. But any of you who thought that taking ecstasy while dancing to Bey in an open field was some sort of rebellion against ‘The Man’, can now finally understand the truth behind what is beneath all of it – and how stupidly fruitless your thoughtless efforts were. We like Bey, we like Ecstasy, we hate the MLS.

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