Cornelius – Dear Future Person

At the end of last week Cornelius released the latest in a sequence of black, white, and grey videos that accompany his album, Mellow Waves. The visuals here are for “Dear Future Person”, and they were directed by groovisions, so you may be able to guess as to the kind of quality we’re going to experience. The release of the video comes to celebrate the sharing of the album on physical formats; CD, cassette, and 180g vinyl. There’s a lot here to please fans of Keigo Oyamada. Let’s talk about it.

Mellow Waves is the first album in eleven years from the Japanese sound-collage-pop-experimenter, and it underscores exactly what audiences have been missing all this time. Released digitally in July of 2017, the physical format comes with some great treats for purists and completist collectors. Fans of Cornelius will be no stranger to this approach to packaging; the well considered wrapping that’s equal parts art and utility. The pop-up gatefold vinyl includes a phenakistoscope animation insert that’s going to do nice things to your eyes when you’re listening to the tunes.

While the album explores more contemplative, and sad themes, like the deaths of David Bowie and Prince, there are still spritely moments where light plays off the surfaces and helps us remember the kind of relief that follows pain. All the instrumental flashes, and playful folds of stereophonic panning, reveal a center that has informed all of the artists work since his debut The First Question Award. The album is a rewarding thing of beauty; there are moments where we can breath and look up for air, but the core of challenges, unusual beats and layered tunes carry us back in.

The video, then, for “Dear Future Person” borrows heavily from the gravity of the album. Here light and dark play with each other. A cat takes a walk, disembodied feet pedal a bicycle, domestic settings become a world where only a couple of flowers find color. It’s a tune of polished textures, and the video shines too.

For “Dear Future Person” we award Cornelius 7.5 out of 9 spins around the moon.





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