Cup – Jitter Visions

You know how there’s always one friend in the bar suggesting you do just one more shot before closing time? Tym Wojcik of garage-punk band Cup is that friend. Jitter Visions, is the name of Wojcik’s latest album, and it lands like an extra shot of ill-advised tequila that opens the mind to unexpected pleasures.

The energy of Cup that we’d previously experienced via previous album, Hiccup, is amplified here. From opening track “Runny Rummy”, and through the following fourteen tracks, Wojcik explores a very distinct set of emotional stimuli. What pleases Wojcik is the unusual aspect of life that simmers just beneath the surface. What happens if we deny ourselves sleep, drink too much coffee, drag our nerves jangling through the city?

The altered states that occur when the senses are slightly fucked with, are slightly fucked with. Sonically, Wojcik puts a buzz on top of fuzz. He adds layers to layers of oddness. In this disorientated state the Jitter Visions occur.

For all the caustic stuff, and splintering sonic work, Jitter Visions is rooted in a reassuring sensuality. You can’t get this visceral without making a listener aware the body in which they live. Eyes, gums, ears, serotonin, are all recurring subjects. If Wojcik can open and understand these gates to the senses he’ll understand the root of something larger. Play these songs at the volume we can assume Wojcik prefers – they’ll kick your heart open.

Jitter Visions moves away from the more pedestrian concerns of previous releases. There’s something oddly spiritual about the progress through these tracks. All short on the timescale, songs cluster in mini-sequences within the larger whole. Title track “Jitter Visions” informs “Inverted Void” which leads to “Spell Limbo”. The relationship between songs isn’t always explicit, but there’s an inferred path here. Wojcik leads you through this blurry place with authority. Again, like that friend that can handle more tequila than you – you’ll drink and keep up, just to figure out how he gained such high tolerance.

For all the volume, and pleasingly droned lyrics that wash over, Jitter Visions is a somewhat demanding album. The unrelenting noise of the thing drives the mind further into a rarely travelled place. Drone rock achieves something similar to the tunes that Wojcik has assembled here, but where he surpasses more aggressive or abstract approaches to music is in his construction of a tune.

At their hearts, the songs in this sequence, melodically at least, could be played as acoustic pop. That’s weird – but it’s true. Beneath the grit, grime, and grubby kaleidoscope of Wojick’s vision he’s actually a wonderful writer of pop songs. Progressions here sound almost Beatlesesque, and you know what Cobain said about The Beatles. Wait – we’re not saying that Wojcik is concerned with sounding like The Beatles, or that he occupies the same space as Cobain. The point here is – at the center of Cup – there is an ear for the pure appeal of melody. You’ll follow Wojcik deep into the unknown because there is always a point – a reference of familiarity. At the heart of Jitter Visions there is a sense of calm. Loud, abrasive, too-sweaty, too-opinionated, unfashionable calm.

In the process of kicking down doors, and attempting to break the roof tiles with volume, Timothy Wojcik is learning a weird kind of peace. Turn it up with him.



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