Cup – Night Lite

Today Cup announced the release date of their upcoming album, Nothing Could Be Wrong. With this happy news, they have also shared a new track and video called “Night Lite”. It’s good and loud. We want to talk about it.

Tym Wojcik, who we last spoke with around the time of Jitter Visions returns with a tonally shifted account of himself. The same taste for volume and disruption are here, but there’s a slight shift in texture.

Perhaps more metal, perhaps more oddly melodic, “Night Lite” feels like a significant step in the evolutionary process of a band who are adding shape to their scale.

Guitars feel more jangly, and percussive elements meld with bass phrasing to allow an easier access than maybe Wojcik would have previously allowed. But wait. This isn’t a dumbing down, or contradiction of previous terms that Cup employed in combating sonic apathy. The signature fondness for abrasion, scale and substance remain. They’ve just got bigger, and easier to turn up, somehow.

Accompanying “Night Lite” is a sexy, silly, vampiric excursion through the Brooklyn streets. The bleached-out Giallo-like vision marries well with the blistering swell of noise. Drummer, Kelsey is a vampire queen – who does a good job of fanging up the male members of the band. The punk aesthetic is deeply pleasing here.

Nothing Could Be Wrong will be released on May 8


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