Desert Sharks – Sorceress

At the tail end of last week Desert Sharks released a new track and video called ‘Sorceress’. The track is lifted from the band’s upcoming album, Baby’s Gold Death Stadium which will be released September 27th on Substitute Scene Records. Firstly, let’s just pause on that album title. Baby’s Gold Death Stadium…

Baby’s Gold Death Stadium.

What’s not to love about that?

Okay. Let’s move on.

The noises contained in ‘Sorceress’ blister themselves into a cohesive garage rock sound. The energy of guitarists Stefania Rovera and Sunny Veniero leans out from the center. There’s a sense that this thing is a carefully controlled detonation. Pedals add to the swell, but beneath distortion and heat these rolling waves bring a forceful sense of melody. There’s slight discord, a disruption of progression – but the affection for a singable tune is not concealed.

Bassist/singer, Stephanie Gunther’s lyrical work is solid here. Eyeing the portrayal of ‘the aging woman’ a sense of time and scale is poured into the magic of wisdom. Focus is on the strength of wisdom that comes only from age and perspective. What some may consider a deficit Desert Sharks consider desirable. The power of the feminine, indifferent to external appraisal.

Accompanying visual work, directed by Dave Ball, is a beguiling low budget affair. Characterful and shrewd, there’s an element of pleasing camp and humor. Spells are cast, sonic witchery occurs. A coven of converted/aged witches rocks the fuck out.

It’s perfect.

Baby’s Gold Death Stadium – a tribute to DIY venues and the spirit of getting shit done cannot come soon enough.



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