DEYO – digital

Lifted from his upcoming self-titled debut album, the track ‘digital’ from DEYO blends angular, disrupted elements of pop with smart lyricism.

A project that began in secrecy blends surrealism, odd psychedelic elements, and a clear fondness for non-linear story-telling. ‘digital’ outlines a personal and universal reliance, and love for digital devices; distraction and connection. “Turn me on, like a television” sounds like a ridiculous line, and it is a little ridiculous because we are all a little ridiculous. DEYO knows, and pokes fun at these funny little cliches, which are also truisms. The sense of fun, the sense that he disarms himself with deprecating wit, presents optimistic options, rather than simple snark and condemnation.

Poly fidelity and range are as much an instrumental element as the hook-driven melody. DEYO, (Christopher Deyo Braun) exhibits a fondness for process, as much as product. Falsetto vocal work makes this stuff fun to sing along with, and for all the maturity, dismantled psychology and gentle analysis of the subject – the thing at the center of this track is a heart of pop.

Accompanying video, directed Michael Parks Randa, calls DEYO’s sense of fun into play. We ride rocking horses, share old school floppy disks, dance in convenience stores for the security cameras. Everything is digital, everything is the source of engagement with everything else. We are all connected. “The messages I sent ya came across as clever…” sings DEYO in a world that is changing. Makes sense that a seemingly breezy track is partnered with a seemingly breezy video. The gentle surrealism of serving floppy disks with eggs for dinner seems too simple. It, of course, points to a deeper understanding of empty calories that we ingest every day. And the television that’s used as a totem for being ‘turned on’ comes to a certain conclusion at the end of things.

DEYO’s self-titled debut album will be release on September 20th.


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