Drug Store Romeos – Frame Of Reference

Drug Store Romeos danced quietly into our minds at the end of 2019, with their release Now You’re Moving – a soothing and provocative sweep of unusual indie pop. Today the trio return with a new track, it’s called “Frame of Reference” and it’s available via Fiction. Oh, and there’s a video too.

The unassuming quietude of Drug Store Romeos calls back to a love of Stereolab, there are elements of Portishead there too. Production is delivered by George Murphy. Murphy handles electronic elements with fondness for the softer edges. He preserves the organic feel, and the human-scale concerns of the band. And with one last reference – there’s a tonal quality of Fox Base Alpha, drawing attention to, but not lingering on, the vocal ease.

The band took care of the video, and it’s sheer beauty. Perhaps a popbollocks favorite for the year so far. Deadpan joy. Casual excellence. This thing is a thing that can not be looked at only once.

We can’t wait for more. And Fiction has done very fucking well for themselves.

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