DrunkAllDay – Mourning Night

Earnest with a simple composition, “Mourning Night” by DrunkAllDay uses the roots of punk to comment on political discord. Possessing the will and the formula that has turned ideas into reality, they use the song to create something that can be shared, both in form and in content.

Art as protest. Punk rock as rebellion. Members of the disenfranchised youth picking up guitars to make a statement against a tyrannical government. As it was in the past, it is now. DrunkAllDay is part of Thailand’s burgeoning punk rock scene. It’s an underground movement that is steadily catching momentum in the face of four consecutive years of military rule without promised elections that follow over half a century filled with political turmoil that has resulted in numerous coup d’etats and continued civil unrest. With a population of over 68.8 million, Thailand has more people than France or the United Kingdom.

DrunkAllDay’s sound is familiar to anyone who grew up with the Sex Pistols or, for that matter, NOFX, but with added political intrigue. It mines the spirit of the iconoclasts who became icons themselves. And it’s not so much the Suphanburi-born band’s music that is what’s important here, it’s the ideology. A common chord runs through their music, similar to like-minded Russian rockers Pussy Riot. It’s a string that goes all that way down to the roots of punk.

Thailand’s most recent coup d’etat took place in 2014. The current ruling junta is led by Prayuth Chan-o-cha, who has been promising elections since 2015. Since 1973, four coups have taken place in Thailand, with the previous one occurring in 2006.

Here, DrunkAllDays turns the energy of outrage into a bonding creation. It may be raw, but its familiar. The rejection of political idealism runs clearly through “Mourning Night”, and the track feels almost like a sloshed sing-along punk anthem for the country’s blossoming punk vanguard.

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