Du Blonde – Buddy

During ‘Buddy’, the new single from Du Blonde there’s a lyric, “I wait for your call“. Just beneath the vocal track there’s another, and in that other track there is the sound of a delightful yawn. We’ll get back to that bit of playfulness in a moment, because it may just be a tip toward the magnificence of the artist.

Du Blonde has just announced her third album. It is called Lung Bread For Daddy, and it will be out in February, via Moshi Moshi.

The brainchild of Beth Jeans Houghton is responsible for a range of deceptively simple material that carries with it an awareness of high art, and situationism. The artist employs the punk ethos of doing shit herself, in order to get shit done. However, she also brings a multi-layered ability to flesh out the urgency of expression. Substance counters the clear commercialism of this stuff.

Self-reliance is clearly the key to much of Du Blonde’s focus. Starting with her debut, Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose, and passing through her sophomore, Welcome Back To Milk, the artist has used lyrical and literal nudity. Album covers have shown her naked, songs have expressed a level of intimacy that’s both rare, and unforced. This is not always the nudity of marketing, this is the nudity of being simply naked; stripped of pretense. The same can be said of the artwork for Lung Bread For Daddy. A self portrait shows the artist as a thing of emotional rawness.

‘Buddy’ is a track that opens itself too. We’ve mentioned the punk aspect, and the multi-instrumental abilities of Du Blonde. The drive then, is one of precision to the heart of things. The riff is strong, and the layering of sounds is the distinguishing feature of the artist’s approach to craft. Richness is arrived at by multi-layering the simplest elements. Is this how an artist is built?

Let’s get back to the yawn, during that line “I wait for your call” Is the artist bored of being kept waiting? Is the artist keeping herself awake, through exhaustion; waiting for a payoff? Du Blonde plays with the role of the lady-in-waiting. She occupies, and disrupts expectation with the simplest twists. To understand the effectiveness of this yawn is to dig to the center of everything from Du Blonde. No, seriously.

The video for ‘Buddy’ is self-directed. Bleached-out pinks There’s a tiger-skin bikini. Some marigold gloves. A bath of spaghetti and a bunch of vegetable oil are the elements in Du Blonde’s environment. There’s an unsettling seaminess to the process. There’s also an unusual beauty. It’s all good. Stick around for the tell-tale laugh at conclusion.


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