Emily Yacina – Bleachers

We recently spoke about ‘Gleaming – a track from Emily Yacina; her dreamy, indie expression of artful singer-songwriting craft. Today, as we’re one step closer to the release of the artists album, Remember the Silver, which will drop on December 6. Today we have ‘Bleachers’, continuing the tonal depth of a songwriter focused on the sensual, ethereal aspect of life.

There are elements of Taoist wisdom in Yacina’s work. Here, in ‘Bleachers’ she looks at the elements of ourselves which have been made possible by the connection and subsequent loss of people in in our lives. The absence, or pain of loss, is something which informs our full selves. Like Lao Tzu said; ‘It is the emptiness of the cup that makes it useful’

Here, with softly chugging guitar and a muted snare, Emily Yacina shapes her own sense of emptiness. We are a constituent aspect of the universe experiencing all other aspects of the universe. Letting go of one external thing affords us the acquisition of a larger, metaphysical truth. We can learn from this or not. Yacina opts for wisdom and shares appreciation for the fleshing out of her soul. It’s beautiful.

Beside the sadness there is a quiet, blissed-out joy at all of this. Yacina finds poise in the chaos of emotion. “I am not so small” is a line sung with tandem purpose. There is consent to a larger experience, and there is an acceptance of responsibility.


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