Emily Yacina – Gleaming

Emily Yacina is preparing to release her debut album, Remember the Silver, which will with us on December 6. Today she shares the lead single, ‘Gleaming’ along with a video.

The title of the album is lifted from a book about alien abduction. Yacina sees a parallel between the contents of the book and her own emotional experiences. She’s interested in the effort involved in reminding ourselves that certain life events are real. She goes further in attempts to convey incredible loves or loss to people who simply cannot believe.

‘Gleaming’ lends the weight of evidence to Yacina’s case. A rolling bass that softens the edges, and a cascading lyrical delivery that makes poetry of everything. Loss, love distance, connection may be communicated – but Emily Yacina makes sense of the incredulous, she ponders at the magic experienced in crossing great distances.

This is pop music for sure, but it’s informed by a songwriter’s sensibility where stories, not choruses were key. Wait, this isn’t just an indulgence of navel-gazing sincerity – there’s a concerted sing-along element. Melodically delicate “I’ll show you the same way I’m feeling….” provides the kind of hook that keeps this song in replayed favorites.

The video shows Emily Yacina in a sequence of semi-abandoned environments. Public spaces devoid of other human, as the artist sings “Where are you?” This may well be a world where everyone has been removed, leaving only the artist to ask why she was spared, or punished. It’s a simple and effective device, quite magical.

Emily Yacina will be playing a release show at Union Poll in Brooklyn, NY on December 7. Keep ’em peeled for more dates – this stuff should go on the road.



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