Florist – Emily Alone

“I could have words or I could have solitude,” opens Emily Sprague on Emily Alone. On an album filled with existential wonders, silence finds itself at the center.

Emily Alone is the third album from Sprague’s Florist project, one that until now featured a full band. On this effort, however, she has gone out on her own. She chose simple tools: her voice and a guitar – sometimes a piano. It is an album guided by loss. In 2017, Sprague’s mother died. 

Sprague fills her world with bird songs and the places where the land meets the water. It is wide and the questions she asks are ones we all have, but the answers are intimate. On ‘Shadow Bloom’, she imagines how she would spend her time if she knew when she would die. She would make tea and eat tangerines. “Death will come, then a cloud of love,” sings Sprague on ‘Moon Begins’. 

Lyrics are fragmented, mixing “now” with memories. The moments and feelings are sharp and the thoughts are encouraging. Even its darkest times, Emily Alone moves forward, seeking and wondering. She ruminates on death with the mindset of someone intent to keep wondering. “Silence never did it for me.”

Sprague is now in Los Angeles, having left Brooklyn in 2017. Emily Alone exposes a well-traveled soul. Space is in constant consideration. Whether in its vastness or engulfing nature, space fills Sprague’s thoughts. How do we fill ourselves with something new? And if we manage to, how do we continue to do so once we are left empty again?

Emily Alone takes on the question that we all ask following loss. They are questions without universal answers. Throughout the record, Sprague repeats “now”. Even when looking back, she can only do so from the present, and the same can be said of her questions. Emily Alone conquers silence with sparse wonder and fragmented weavings of perception. She does the true work of an artist… asking and answering with creation.


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