Florist – M

Taken from Emily Alone, the track ‘M’ is a moment of arresting beauty. The album from Florist will be released via Double Double Whammy this week. The accompanying video, directed by V Haddad, is equally striking. Let’s talk about this stuff for a bit.

Florist singer-songwriter, Emily Sprague, wrote and recorded all songs from the album during the last months of 2018. Having landed in Los Angeles, and leaving a life on the East Coast behind there is a sense of reflection, self-analysis, but also universal concern about the material.

We’ve previously heard album tracks ‘Shadow Bloom’, ‘Time is a Dark Feeling’, and ‘Celebration’ and so the tonal quality of ‘M’ shouldn’t come as a surprise. However, from the outset there is something of jolting otherness. From the opening bars of the track, and opening frames of the video we are transported to a place between thoughts.

A muffled sound that puts your mind in place behind an obstacle. A strange orb of light that slowly shifts, brings softness before a reveal. Florist play with the elements that are lost in conveyance. What’s said, what’s heard, and what is intended can be one and the same thing, or they can be three contrasting truths. It’s the space between those thoughts that Sprague navigates. The video features two ambient pieces, one composed specifically for the video which shares a years-old vocal sample of the artist’s mother, singing.

There are deserts to walk through, vistas to process. Space appears to be a thing that surrounds us, and also inside of us. Florist make connections between the internal and external worlds, and a kind of existential balance happens, beautifully.


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