Foodman is project monkier of Takahide Higuch (食品まつり), a DJ, producer and painter from Japan. His new EP is called ODOODO. Some definition on the title may be useful; it will unlock some clues as to the spirit of play that’s explored.

The Japanese word is pronounced ‘Oh-doh-oh-doh’ and is used to describe a lack of confidence, or feelings of nervousness. It’s the word to be used when describing a nervous person when they act timid, anxious, or intimidated.  Yet, these aren’t the only considerations for the title. When Foodman learned that, when translated into English and capitalized, the word looks like a string of full and semi-circles he enjoyed the appearance.

In one view we have meaning. In another view we have appearance. In another angle we have translation, and the magic of nuance that occurs between the literal state of words. Then there are feelings of nerves, excitement, play. All the stuff of experimentation.

Foodman has developed a reputation for this kind of project. Influences drawn from all aspects of design and process inform the momentum of another. Visually geometric, colorful, certain. Sonically colorful, chaotic, dynamic, and yet somehow calm. The central theme here is exploration.

Across the seven tracks of the EP, Foodman meanders through a landscape where focus is pulled in on the minutiae of a moment ‘Moyashi Kids’, or drawn back to more expansive scales. ‘Colosseum’. It’s easy to call these tracks ‘collages’ because they carry a sense of construction, but they also have layers of tone and texture. This isn’t an exercise in cutting and pasting juxtaposed elements. The relationship between tracks is often less obvious than sound.

Foodman carried this work with him on a laptop. He produced the tracks out in the world of park benches, sento lounges, and restaurants. It’s this sense of the artist’s existence belonging in a process of other things that informs the electronic palette. Somehow this humanity and flow is introduced to the bleeps, blips and beats. There’s a feeling of an artist embedded in life, issuing reports. Rather than reflecting too much on what it all means, Foodman records ‘this is happening’.

In ODOODO Foodman pulls up associations, he alters them slightly and then he lays them out for the listener. Like an ink blot Rorschach that constantly evolves this is a collection that sounds different with each listen. New elements catch the light and show themselves, new meanings are revealed, or not. But magic certainly happens.


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