FOREVER ANTi PoP – Finessin’ The Rhythm: Interview

There’s good things to be heard in Finessin’ The Rhythm, the debut EP from FOREVER ANTi PoP. The rapper, born Tony Macklin, knows how to game the system with this solid release, and there’s something winning here for sure. From his naming convention to his behavior behind a mic, Macklin arrives at the title track like a fighter who knows his training is complete.

Clearly informed by his upbringing, there’s a cultural thirst here. Street sense is met with a study of the classics. Yes, there’s Hennessy, there’s always fucking Hennessy, but the references come with redeeming self-awareness.  FOREVER ANTi PoP is the product of eager study, genuine interest in continuing to learn, and a toying with the genre which is so clearly loved by Macklin.

In the words of YouTube user Kisuke Shizuka, “at first I thought this nigga was gonna be a rip off frank ocean but then he proved me wrong”

popbollocks reached out to FOREVER ANTi PoP for a super fast Q & A in which we asked him to just get to the point.

Please explain why you’re making art:

I’m making art to raise the frequency’s on earth. I’m just a vessel trying to send positive energy throughout the world. I make art to inspire people, to show them there are NO limitations, to show people that they can be free. I make art to give people feelings of the human experience. When some kid in the struggle needs to be motivated he can play my “Finessin’ The Rhythm” song and it should motivate him. I make art to show people how to be fearless.

What is the name of your current project – and when is it released?

My current project is titled Finessin’ The Rhythm, it was released on January 20th.

What are you afraid of?

That is a question I’m trying to remove from humanity. Fear doesn’t exist to me. Fear shouldn’t exist to anyone on earth. I’m not afraid of anything!

When are you most alive?

I’m most alive when I’m either doing some music in the studio or out in nature.  When I get in that booth and start spilling out how I feel, it feels amazing. When I’m in nature, in which I go hiking from time to time, I feel one with earth and the universe. I feel alive all the time. When I wake up in the morning I’m just grateful to start another day.

Please take a selfie while making your favorite hand gesture.

FOREVER ANTi PoP Interview

In life, what’s the most confusing thing?

The most confusing thing in life, to me, is life itself. Lol. Growing up people tell you how to live life, when they don’t even know what the fuck life is. Recently I  had a self-realization, I realized that life is whatever we want it to be. I realized that everyone writes their own story. Life is the most complicating thing in life because we don’t even know why life exists.

Describe the atmosphere of the last hotel room you were in.

The last hotel I stayed in was on Hollywood Blvd, it was a decent hotel in which I stayed at for about five days. The food was terrifying though, they had the smallest menu and I had to eat room service because I had no money at the time, So I ate f*cking macaroni everyday. Lol.

Describe the last time you surprised yourself.

The last time I surprised myself was while I was making a song a few weeks ago. The messaging in the song was something I don’t usually touch on. The ability to touch on this specific subject was new to me, it showed me a new area of my artistry and I was like damn ” How’d I do that?” Lol.

What do you know now that you didn’t know 12 months ago?

What I  know now that I didn’t know before is that NOTHING MATTERS,BUT LOVE. We are all just souls having a human experience. Therefore we should live in positivity and enjoy ourselves instead of letting negativity rule our lives.

Without naming the title or author – please describe your favorite book.

My favorite book is magical, unbelievable, a book about a kid who had so much power, but didn’t know he was the one.

Favorite city?

My favorite cities are Tallahassee and Atlanta.

Finish this sentence: “I love it when…

…you call me Big Poppa”

Take as many words as you need to describe the most vivid dream you remember.

I don’t have dreams, I am living one.

If you weren’t an artist in what other way would you express yourself?

If I was not an artist, I would express myself through film and become a director.

FOREVER ANTi PoP Finessin' The Rhythm EP Cover


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