Foxes In Fiction – Say Yes To Violence

“Hard to understand why / Half of me, it wants to be enveloped / Clouded in my vital signs, a second sight / Burning out, I’m pushing back on the fading light.” Lyrically, there is something of the transcendent in ‘Say Yes To Violence’, the new track from Foxes in Fiction.

Lifted from the upcoming album, Trillium Killer, ‘Say Yes To Violence’ shows songwriter Warren Hildebrand at a new poetic high, and sets the tone of negotiation. Clearly bleak, or aggressive in titling convention the theme here pulls one way, whilst the delivery and substance suggest another.

The initial track from the new album is called ‘Ontario Sunshine’, which clearly nods at Foxes in Fiction’s previous album, Ontario Gothic. We are moving toward the light here. Life is peppered with violent actions. Realization, jolts of redirection. The awakening of some concealed aspects of ourself.

Perhaps Hildebrand has been reading Jung – the symbolism throughout ‘Say Yes To Violence’ suggests the opening of all avenues. A great liberation.

Instrumentally, this thing is as tender and reflective as it is strong. Like the water referenced, concealing voices that suggest certain actions, the waves are deep, and oftentimes overwhelming. Tinges of psychedelia drip through the familiar folk sounds, so there are surprises as well as safe progressions. Hildebrand has an unforced style that meanders around melodies, upturning stones, revealing secrets.

A beautiful track, worthy of time and many replays.

Trillium Killer will be released on October 18 via Orchid Tapes.


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