Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Pleasure

Across four albums, Frankie and the Witch Fingers have been sharing their lo-fi psych-rock to relatively small, but cultishly devoted audiences. They’ve  secured a solid reputation as a band that offers an accessible route through a sometimes tricky genre. They go deeper into the freaky than other practitioners of this kind of sound, but they also retain a refreshing awareness of melody, and… er… pop.

So, here we are, and Frankie and the Witch Fingers have dropped a new single via Greenway Records. Underlining a particular approach to having fun is ‘Pleasure’. It struts from the gates with a fuzzed, grit-filled funk. It’s hard to pin where the charm originates – but the track personifies the charismatic host of an after-hours party. Everything goes.

The musicianship here is tight as latex. Syncopated passages between the percussion and barbed guitar work are utterly pout-inducing. It’s hard to think of a track that can be described as more ‘Danger Friday’ that you’ll hear today, or any Friday for a while.  Lyrically we cascade through a catalog of delicious, deviant activities. Flesh is made more pink, lungs are robbed of breath, and a good/bad time is had by all. More or less. The track makes voyeurs of us all.

For the video Frankie and the Witch Fingers call on Sztuka Naiwna – a purveyor of ‘trippy lo-fi video production’. It’s not surprising that we see leather masks, chains, heels, and all that stuff. What’s nice is that these things are not framed with typical polish. A VHS quality spool with fucked up tracking, acid-bleached pinks and purples lend grit to the vaseline. It’s great stuff. The visual element echos the old school rock ‘n’ roll ethos, when expression rather than polished production was focus. Ironically, of course, the results are a more articulate production value. This kind of thing is not easy to achieve without looking like a pastiche of degraded video. This is not a pastiche.

Not everyone will be playing ‘Pleasure’ in their cars as they drive to the bar this Friday night. Not everyone will be playing ‘Pleasure’ in the bar, or in the club, or in the underground porn-palace as they do their thing. However, those that do will be having a pretty good night of it. Wish them luck for the clean-up and come-down.


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