G Flip – About You

“This is going to be huge,” were the first words to come to my mind while listening to “About You” by Georgia Flipo, aka G Flip. It is not a sentiment that often pops into my head – maybe once or twice per year – most memorably when I first heard Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s controversial “Blurred Lines”. No matter your feelings about the latter track, there is some undefinable bit of genius that flits through your ear when you hear what should be a sure-fire hit.

“About You” possesses something that is both personal and universal, a feeling that lingers whether in a bedroom or stadium. G Flip may currently be at the bedroom-level when it comes to her soon-to-be-rocketing star, but she already can reach the masses.

Written, recorded, and produced solely in Flipo’s bedroom, the song grows larger throughout. Starting with a few simple notes on a keyboard and the singer’s piercing vocals, the track steadily adds elements, including a drum machine, an electric bass, and, finally, a real light-up drum set. From verse to chorus to continuously added instrumentation, it’s a set of steadily growing waves that joyously wash over you time and again.

The track comes with a video explained by Flipo herself, “Since I wrote, produced and recorded this song in my bedroom, I thought why not make the music video there too! Cheers to my little bro Reuben for shooting it all on my iphone.” The clip is equally touching, simple, and ingenious as the track.

“About You” by G Flip puts shivers through your skin and hairs stand straight up. It’s a piece of bedroom ingenuity that is sure to grab attention for an extended period, and more than deserves it. For it’s simple glittering brilliance, we award “About You” 95 out of 104 distant glowing stars.



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