Galaa – Ender

Back in 2013, Galaa, then under named the Gala, released their first EP Young Hymns. It was Aley Waterman’s first crack at turning her piano-driven solo tunes into larger soundscapes featuring a group of musicians. Five years later, Galaa has added an ‘a’ and producers Romesh Thavanathan and Adam Hogan have joined the picture, along with Ashley Chalmers, Robbie Brett, and Josh Ward. But the story of ‘Ender’ is born from the collaboration of those first three.

‘It’s hard to really say ‘who played what’ on this song because it was basically myself, Romesh, and Hogan in a room trying out different sounds and parts for so long that there’s an intense creative overlap that goes on in many of the songs on the album,’ said Aley back in 2017 about Galaa’s still yet to be released record The Speech.

As the band puts it, “‘Ender’ was inspired by the idea of how things endure over time and how desire exists in our everyday lives. Desire, which only exists in absence, propels things and people forward. ‘Ender’ asks the question of what to do with the things you want when you have them.” The presence of desire signals a storm at the track’s beginning as heavy bass and pulsing synthesisers push forward, and then Waterman’s windy vocals coast in over top.

Crackles of keys textures the landscape like lightning across a foreboding sky, and there is something nervous in Waterman’s voice. All of it gives the track a natural quality despite the mass of electronics being used to create the sounds. ‘Ender’ is like watching a storm roll in from the Atlantic and through the band’s hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland – North America’s easternmost city.

Like a storm building in the Atlantic, desire builds and accumulates, having to go somewhere – the energy has to be released. Galaa turns that concept and the emotions behind it into art. Creating is one of the most sensible manners to deal with emotions, and it lends a human touch to even the most metallic environments. On “Ender”, it gives the track electricity, turning a simple concept into one that can engulf an entire landscape.



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