Gold Dime – Hindsight II

Gold Dime have just announced a new album called My House. My House will be released via Fire Talk Records on October 11 2019. Lifted from the upcoming album is ‘Hindsight II’, a raucous blast of fuzz, distortion, and dirty reflection. The track also has a video. Let’s talk about it.

Previous line-ups of Gold Dime could be described something like a sports team. Collaborators came, added energy, built creative play under the guidance of Andrya Ambro’s vision, they then departed. Now though, this new work feels more collaborative – John Bohannon throws barbs from his guitar while Ian Douglas-Moore steadies a dynamic bass-end.

There’s something in the dynamic of a three-piece that brings the noise. Here, the melody is bedded on a cacophony of waves – undulating distortion, clarity, and a rolling bass. Percussion is somehow softened at the edges, making for a more forceful, undermining effect.

Lyrically, Ambro speaks to her former self. She takes down the past. Reflection is frank, and she kills scape goats, excuses and explanations. And then she moves on.

Joe Wakeman directs the video. Black and white is the right palette for an artist wrestling her shadow. Shot at New York’s ‘The Kitchen’ performance art space this is a nearly-six-minute slice of urgency and poise. Cracking stuff.

My House will be released via Fire Talk Records on October 11 2019.


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