Gong Gong Gong – Ride Your Horse 騎你的馬

Gong Gong Gong have just shared a new track from their upcoming album, Phantom Rhythm 幽靈節奏. The track is called ‘Ride Your Horse 騎你的馬’ and there’s a video, which was shot recently in Beijing.

Since we last spoke to Joshua Frank and Tom NG they have been profoundly busy. Tours and work have taken them through North America, Europe, and China. Now, with Phantom Rhythm 幽靈節奏 closer to release date (Wharf Cat Records, October 4) there’s increasing movement to catch the eye.

Continuing the tonal arc of previous releases, ‘Ride Your Horse 騎你的馬’ is made almost entirely of groove. From the outset the momentum of Frank’s bass riff detonates waves of grit and post punk energy. Ng’s instrumental input dresses with the bluesy element – and by the time lyrics hit the hypnotic other-worldliness is set.

Lyrically, Ng sings of “Charging in reverse” and implores to “ride, ride, ride“. There’s a kind of absurdism here, a nuanced surrealism married to the riffs that dismantles normal sense – and a poetic revelation happens. The ineffable is arrived at. Gong Gong Gong calling upon the motif of the horse, as they did in ‘Siren 追逐劇’ seems so appropriate. Are the band calling on the Chinese Horoscope who suggests that the horse is quick-witted, astute, open-minded, anxious, and maybe gullible? Or is a horse sometimes just a horse?

Directed by Joshua Frank, the video also features a horse. Frank says that the horse just happened to be passing by as they were shooting the visuals. He chased the horse, led by a guy on moped, for 1000 feet. Cut with footage of parks, martial arts practitioners, and the duo moving in silhouette in an underpass, the horse appears as the natural force – an energy at the root of all of this. Great synchronicity, visceral magic, and evidence that Frank has a natural eye that leans quietly toward the beguiling.

Phantom Rhythm 幽靈節奏 is out on October 4 via Wharf Cat Records. Link Below.


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