Good Fuck – Physics

At the end of last week Good Fuck dropped a new track and video. The song is called ‘Physics’ and it follows on the heels of ‘Secret Meetings’ – another brilliant, brooding track from their upcoming self-titled album, which will drop on February 22nd via Joyful Noise Recordings.

Good Fuck adopt a low key approach to shaping electronic enthused rock. Some people may call this stuff experimental. Beats are composed with an eye on forward momentum. The rhythm method works, it’s natural and relies on emotional intelligence and connection. Grooves happen, but they cut away at their own edges. Melodies spiral, mantra-like, also undermining, surprising – bringing forward things you’ve not heard before. Not like this. For all of the surprise and colorful excursions that unfold,  that word ‘experimental’ feels far-reaching. The real sense here is that Good Fuck couldn’t be anything else. Here is the authentic tone that happens when Tim Kinsella and Jenny Pulse combine their energy, they simply occupy a space.

The synergy of the well-pedigreed two, Kinsella (Owls, Joan of Arc) and Pulse, (Spa Moans) is as much of a focus as the topics which they address. The product is the kind of art that couldn’t be any other way. If ‘Physics’ had been designed by one without the other then it would not have the same, magical property.

Breathy, disorientating, seductive – the track sounds like it was conceived in the backroom of an opium den. Whatever’s back there is forbidden, but you want in.

Accompanying visuals are directed by Kinsella, himself. There’s also some flip phone footage, offering a kind of slipping memory time lapse. This additional footage is provided by Silver Jews frontman David Berman. Shots show some of the life of some of the road of a band touring the winter highways. Audiences, hotel rooms, service stations. Nothing glamorous, nothing otherworldly – and yet there’s something here we’ve never felt before. It’s inexplicable. It’s oddly accomplished.  Good Fuck aren’t just boasting.


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