Goon: Let Me In – R.E.M. Cover

Goon are the kind of band that represent a creative way of wasting time. On their better-than-decent Dusk Of Punk EP  lo-fi, fuzzy layers wash over again, and again, and again. Pretty soon you’ve been swept away in a swirl of pared down tunes that make you feel like your rash may just clear up, your hangover may just end, and maybe you will love again. Maybe, just maybe someone’s going to find a cure for all the rot that’s piling up in your Facebook feed.

Band leader Kenny Becker has a voice on him that you just know he has disarmed stage divers with. He can hold the most delicate of melodies, and he can also strip wallpaper with a simple shift of gear. The range Becker displays isn’t necessarily large, (what’s an Adele, anyway) he certainly carries flowers and force, but his larynx is more of an improvised weapon than an instrument, so y’know, it’s perfect, truly. Characterful.

Anyway – we’re not just talking about the Dusk of Punk EP, we’re talking about the cover that Goon have just released. They’ve crafted a beautiful little version of “Let Me In” – a track written by R.E.M. as a tribute to Kurt Cobain on their 1994 album, Monster. Where R.E.M. inflated the track with a bed of synths, Goon simply put a blanket on the floor. Becker’s voice nearly cracks in tenderness, and something happens that deserves to live long in memory. Yes, Goon are the kind of band that it’s easy deploy when sound tracking wasted days and grimy nights – and this is exactly why an homage to Cobain feels authentic.

Kenny Becker said this about the track: “I always thought this song was one of the more haunting and mournfully poetic tributes to Kurt Cobain. The tragedy of having lost a true friend is really apparent in R.E.M.’s version. I had always been very moved by that so I tried making my own jangly-acoustic version.”


Head over to Goon’s Bandcamp page to download the “Dusk of Punk EP”

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