Half Waif – Ordinary Talk

Today Half Waif (aka Nandi Rose) announced a new album. The Caretaker will be released on March 27. It will be her first album since signing to ANTI-, and there’s a new track and video to mark the announcement.

“Ordinary Talk” is a track that fits Half Waif’s new home. It conjures the vitality of a debut. A confident but not overly-polished set of indie-pop progressions, with lyrics that stand with hands on hips to assert a new kind of courage.

Beginnings often also signal endings, and when Rose sings “Baby don’t worry about me, I don’t worry about you.” we all know what she means, how she feels, and something of how she came to carry this world view.

A sullen sequence comes over the percussion tracks. This stuff was designed for nocturnal reflection. Discreet glitches lend texture to the melody, and Rose puts in a vocal performance to stop the clocks.

Accompanying video is directed by Kenna Hynes. There’s a baroque setting on the lighting rig, and as the dancing happens it happens with abandon and ornate little nuances that we’ve come to expect from Half Waif.

Previously heard from on the critically lauded Lavender Half Waif build on the momentum of that flawless album, and with “Ordinary Talk” she suggests the tonal qualities that lie ahead. It’s business as usual, but also entirely new and forward facing. A declaration of authentic confidence and abilities.



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