Hana Vu – Actress

Set against golden horns and dancy clicks, Hana Vu investigates personal compromise for the sake of professional success on her new song, ‘Actress’. Vu hails from Los Angeles, which to many outsiders seems like the perfectly formulated setting for this philosophical conundrum. At just 19 years of age, the artist is already showing her depth by stepping out to look at a world she has become entangled in, and in many cases was born into.

It would be foolish to think that 19 is some nieve age. YouTube stars and Disney kids could be considered mid-career or even over the hill. It isn’t a sign of the times either. For decades, Hollywood stars have started young, peaked, and fallen flat only a few years later. And either way, the question Vu is asking is timeless.

“Based on the music and conversations in The Actress Roundables, ‘Actress’ is about the compromise of personal values in order to be conventionally successful, and how that may manifest over time,” said Vu.

Her choice in sounds shows knowledge of Golden Age Hollywood and an affection for the striking and well-dressed New Wave. The beat is almost disco like and a heavy bass plucks away underneath. Twirls of ivory dance along with horn kicks and a warm, wide guitar pulls everything inward. Her voice is deep, contemplative, and almost haunting, embodying the type of actress often seen on the silver screen and the one she is investigating.

Despite all of the conversations and character she adapts for the track, Vu never sacrifices her own sound for something that would be considered modernly popular. Instead, she opts for class and mystique. Mature and haunting, Hana Vu continues to carve out a name for herself as an individual rather than being built out of some studio system.

‘Actress’ is due out as part of Vu’s upcoming Nicole Kidman / Anne Hathaway double EP, due out October 25th on Luminelle. 


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